1 on 1 Coaching (Tier 2)


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Virtual Coaching Product

Weekly one-on-one mentorship with Odis

Tier 2 includes everything in Tier 1 plus one-on-one mentoring from our experienced mentors. Because every investor is different, we offer one-on-one coaching to help you thrive in real estate.

Tier 2 offers personalized coaching sessions with our professional mentors in addition to the Weekly Roundup, weekly group seminars, and Tax and Business Entity Consulting service in Tier 1. Our mentors will help you evaluate your skills and weaknesses, set goals, and provide specialized advice and support during these one-on-one meetings.

One-on-one coaching is crucial to real estate investing success. Our mentors have years of expertise and have overcome real estate investing issues. They can help you overcome challenges and succeed.

Our Tier 2 mentorship program gives you all the materials and opportunities in Tier 1, plus personalized coaching to improve your real estate investing skills.

Our Tier 2 1-ON-1 Mentoring program is ideal for serious real estate investors who want to succeed. Let us help you succeed in real estate investing today!


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