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To help us better guide you on your path to success, we must first learn about who you are and what you are looking to achieve. The following worksheet will serve as a guide and discussion piece for you and your Real Estate Investor Coach. Being as open and honest as you can will help you get the most precise plan created for you. Only give the information you feel comfortable giving as this exercise is useful for you to start the beginning of your Real Estate Investor Workshop as well as help direct your path to success. This information is solely used to help you in your education choices and your information will remain private and confidential. The information is restricted to only those who have a need to know in order to assist you coach. Lastly, OdisJames and its employees are not Broker/Dealers, CFPs or Registered Investment Advisors and therefore do not provide you with any advice as to investment or management of your finances. Let’s get started:

What style of Investor do you think you are? (Select all that apply):
If you have invested in the past, have you made money as real estate markets went lower?
It is said that three things keep people from making money in the real estate: Time, Money, and Knowledge. What would you say has been the obstacle or obstacles that have kept you from being successful? Lack of:

The last section is typically the hardest for people to talk about, and for us to ask because we  value your privacy but have to make sure that investing is a good fit for where you are in life. If  you are serious about making the changes you want, this section is by far the most important. 

Completing this Investor Profile is a major step in  fulfilling your goals. Many people wonder “ok now what?” Your coach will be  reaching out to discuss your replies to the questions above and help you put pen to paper on the steps to reach the goals you listed above. Having a well thought  out plan gives you the best chance of success in any new journey, remember, without a map it’s really hard to find the way.