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Transforming Communities, One Property at a Time

The James Journey

The year 2002 opened up a new avenue for Odis D. James III—real estate. With his father’s guidance and decades of experience, he started as a Salesperson and Multifamily leasing consultant. It was not long before the duo opened their first office in San Jose, CA, in 2003, followed by the addition of a mortgage brokerage in 2005 to their list of services.

Unfortunately, the 2008 housing crisis hit hard, and in 2010, they had to close their doors for good. It was during this time that Odis established Inside the Truth Ministries, Inc., a nonprofit organization that shared the message of love through the teachings of Jesus Christ. Although he funded it from his own pocket for three years, he eventually closed it to focus instead on personal development.

In 2018, Odis created a mentorship program under his private company, 4 Data Points Academy, using his knowledge of residential and multifamily real estate. He began buying real estate to create opportunities for potential buyers who faced obstacles to homeownership and shared his investment strategies through social media and various websites.

Today, Odis is known as an expert in single-family home flipping, and he’s drawing on his regional manager experience to focus on multifamily acquisitions and development. His passion is to advance the economic position of African Americans through education, strategic investing, and relationship-building. As such, he concentrates on pre-gentrified neighborhoods of color, promoting ownership, commerce, and prosperity. To share his secrets to success with others, Odis gives away his expertise and knowledge to help those who are going through challenging times in their business.

Let’s Get Wealthy!

The Vision

It is Odis’s passion to create wealth through real estate and help others do the same. With a background in residential, multifamily, and commercial real estate, Odis has helped many investors achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.

Having personally experienced the turbulence of the 2008 recession, Odis knows first-hand how to navigate tough times in the economy and business. He shares his knowledge with those who are willing to take action on their goals for success and starts each conversation by asking, “What’s your why?”

Odis is an expert in single-family flips and consistently looks for opportunities in pre-gentrified neighborhoods of color. In addition, he holds a real estate investing educational program where he shares his strategies for overcoming obstacles to homeownership. With 4 Data Points Academy, Odis provides mentorship in the areas of financial literacy, real estate investing, and business development.

James teaching capacity

Odis’s vision is to advance the economic position of African Americans through education, strategic investing, and relationship-building. He believes that each person has the power to create their own destiny and encourages others to never stop learning.

Whether it’s through his books, mentorship programs, or community outreach initiatives, Odis is committed to helping others build the life they desire and achieve financial freedom. He hopes that each person reading his story can find inspiration in their journey.

The Vision

Gain The Knowledge

According to a 2021 report, the global real estate investment market was estimated at $11444.7 billion and is expected to reach an astounding $30575.5 billion in 10 years, seeing exponential growth with a projected annual CAGR of 10.7%. Learning about investment education and opportunities can help investors maximize their returns, especially when it comes to real estate investments.

While real estate portfolio strategies can help investors manage their portfolios, multi-family acquisitions and development can help them gain a bigger return. The right mentorship and coaching can also be invaluable for investors looking to gain better insights into the real estate market.

Odis’ Community Outreach initiative has created opportunities for potential home buyers, encouraging them to invest in real estate to create wealth and financial prosperity. Overall, the goal is to empower individuals and families who want to achieve long-term financial freedom.

What We Can Do For You

Odis James III offers personalized real estate services to clients looking for a competitive edge in their investments. From the purchase of your first home to portfolio optimization, Odis helps investors maximize cash flow and minimize risk.

Let Us Help You Reach Your Real Estate Goals

What We Offer

Investment Education & Opportunities

4 Data Points Academy provides educational programs to teach you how to identify the right properties, navigate the market, and optimize your investment strategies.
Our team also assists with pre-qualification for purchasing real estate and connects investors with financing opportunities.

Real Estate Portfolio Strategies

Odis James III can develop a diversified real estate portfolio for you by identifying off-market and distress sales in your desired markets.
We specialize in multifamily and residential investment opportunities, focusing on pre-gentrified communities of color to encourage ownership, commerce, and prosperity.

Multi-Family Acquisitions & Development

Investing in multi-family properties requires knowledge and experience.
Our team has the expertise necessary to identify profitable acquisitions, navigate legal requirements, and create development plans that leverage the best investment opportunities.

Real Estate Coaching & Mentorship

Odis James III’s coaching services provide personalized advice and guidance to help clients make informed decisions regarding their investments.

His unique background in multi-family management ensures you receive up-to-date information about real estate trends, emerging markets, and market conditions that can maximize your investment potential.

Community Outreach

Investing in communities of color is a priority for 4 Data Points Academy. Our team works to ensure that prospective and existing investors understand the best strategies for creating wealth through real estate while promoting ownership, commerce, and prosperity.

We also provide free educational opportunities to help individuals and families prosper in their own neighborhoods.

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