“I help individuals achieve their financial objectives through real estate investing.”




Odis James is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, small business consultant, and motivational speaker.

In my experience mentoring people, I found fear to be the most common denominator among new investors, and potential entrepreneurs. The road to wealth begins in the mind. That’s where our journey begins. While much of my focus is in real estate, wealth is the ultimate objective. This means incorporating the following into a single program:

  1. Financial Literacy

  2. Leveraging Assets

  3. Real Estate Investments

My goal is to create 600 new investors / entrepreneurs in the next year (and each year after that). I limit the number of participants to 50 to ensure I have the capacity to give each person the necessary attention. I invite you to begin your journey to success today.

Entrepreneur . Real Estate Investor . Business Coach


San Francisco Bay Area

Current City:

San Mateo, CA


  • Real Estate

  • Business Development

  • Self Development

  • Public Speaking

Coaching Services:

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Financial Literacy

  • Real Estate Investing


  • James Street Capital LLC

  • One Greenwood Ave Inc.

  • James Street Properties LLC

Community Involvement:

Motivational Speaking, Real Estate Education, Youth Empowerment, Mentoring Future Business Owners



“It’s easy to believe when someone is referred to as an expert that they’ve done everything right. The truth is, there were times when the right way was the only way left to try.”


-Odis James



“Most people are only a thought away from success and don’t realize it. A shift in perspective can be the difference between a life of meaning and fulfillment and a life of mediocrity. My passion is being the cause of that shift.”


-Odis James


Mailing Address:

James Street Capital 

3225 McLeod Drive, Suite 100 Las Vegas, Nevada 89121